Child welfare advocates are uniquely positioned to influence debates that directly impact the safety and well being of America’s children.

State child welfare advocates are innovating, but they’re so busy fighting their own battles that they don’t always have the bandwidth to put their successes and challenges on the national agenda. And because national advocates all have varying funding streams, distinct constituencies, and relationships with different state partners, it’s historically been hard for national advocates to advance a unified package of success stories and challenges to share with policymakers.

What’s the result? Advocacy on child welfare varies dramatically from state to state, and even really effective advocates often feel like they’re all alone and spending more time than they want to playing defense.

The State Policy and Advocacy Reform Center (SPARC) strengthens connections among state advocates, offering a comprehensive menu of supports, when and how state advocates need them. SPARC looks across state lines, to uplift success stories that can serve as models for replication and emerging challenges that demand an urgent response.

As part of a growing SPARC network, advocates have the opportunity to connect with one another, participate in smaller working groups focused on finding solutions to challenging problems, hear from state and national experts in the field and benefit from a range of SPARC resources designed to ensure that child welfare is a priority at the state level and to effectively bring advocacy on child welfare to the attention of policymakers.

SPARC is designed to strengthen child welfare advocacy at the state level. And ultimately, that means national and state advocates will be better able to deliver public policy reforms that protect the safety and well being of America’s children.