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Obamacare’s ‘kid glitch’


Sacramento Bee, by Emily Bazar

Groups such as First Focus, which advocates for children and families, have protested the glitch and want lawmakers to amend the law.

But in a Congress where some members still talk of repealing Obamacare, there’s little chance of compromise, even over a piece of the law that many consider unfair.

“That’s been the biggest barrier, that both sides aren’t even wanting to have the conversation about fixing it,” says Bruce Lesley, president of First Focus.

It’s not even clear how to fix the glitch. If you allow more people to receive tax credits, it costs the government that much more to provide them.

At that point, the question becomes whether fixing the glitch would be affordable for the government.

“The fact of the matter is that sort of fix would cost a ton of money,” Lesley says.

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