Take Action

The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is a bipartisan health care plan that works for children created 17 years ago this August. Over 8 million children — that’s half of our kids — receive coverage from CHIP and Medicaid.

CHIP has earned the support of three-fourths of Americans, because CHIP works. It’s reduced the rate of uninsured kids by half and protected children from becoming uninsured during the recession. It is an economic lifeline that delivers peace of mind for millions of working families. With CHIP, working parents they know a job loss won’t mean losing their children’s health care, and a sick child won’t mean bankruptcy.
But CHIP’s funding will expire next year, if Congress doesn’t act first.
Please join First Focus in urging your Member of Congress to take action as soon as possible to protect CHIP and keep millions of children from losing coverage altogether.