This Is My American Story Social Media Toolkit

Dear Friends,

Thank you for helping to spread the word about My American Story – this PSA campaign aims to raise awareness and change the hearts and minds of American voters by highlighting the impact that our nation’s outdated immigration system has on children and their families.

We believe we can fix our immigration policy. And we think children are the key. First Focus hopes that you will help us lift up the stories and dreams of children of immigrants, many of them immigrants themselves, as part of the new My American Story campaign.

In this social media kit you will find sample Twitter and Facebook posts, as well as shareable images, that we hope you will share at your convenience throughout while the PSAs air in nine states and Washington, D.C.

The PSAs will air on the Radio and on TV in the weeks leading up to the Supreme Court’s decision on DAPA/DACA+, in the months leading up to the presidential election, and will continue airing after the presidential election as well.

On behalf First Focus and immigrant children and families everywhere, thank you for your interest, support, and partnership.

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  • New #immigration PSAs show impact of immigration system on children and families #FightForFamilies #MyAmericanStory
  • “Let’s go do justice” Meet Zury, 5, star of new national immigration PSA campaign #FightForFamilies #MyAmericanStory
  • “Do you promise?” Kids’ fears come to life in new #immigration PSA campaign #FightForFamilies #MyAmericanStory
  • National immigration PSA campaign shows unique struggles that kids face #FightForFamilies #MyAmericanStory
  • Millions of kids in America fear losing a parent to deportation. Watch this new PSA campaign  #MyAmericanStory
  • To American children of immigrants, family unity is not a guarantee. #FightForFamilies #MyAmericanStory
  • No child should have to lose a parent b/c of their immigration status. We can do better: #FightForFamilies
  • New PSA campaign asks Americans to give all children a fair shot to succeed: #FightForFamilies #MyAmericanStory
  • “I wish one day I won’t have to be afraid anymore.” We can do better for our kids. Watch the PSAs >>
  • 5-yr-old Zury deserves a fair shot. Watch her national PSA, “A Child’s Wish.” #FightForFamilies #MyAmericanStory

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Zury’s wish? To see her mom at home, not in the courtroom >> #FightForFamilies #InvestInKids


Israel shouldn’t have to worry if he’ll see his Dad tomorrow. Read more >> #FightForFamilies

Lydia’s American story is still being written. We can do better >> #FightForfamilies

Roberto dreams of being President, but first he needs his parents >> #FightForfamilies

Zion grips her bible tight at night and prays to see her Dad again >> #FightForfamilies



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Common-sense immigration policy should work in the best interest of our country’s future. One in four kids in America today are children of immigrants, and hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizen children have already lost a parent to deportation, harming their long-term health and well-being. These children need stability and family support, so they can become future leaders, future workers, parents of their own families, and contribute to society. Learn more at


What’s your American Story? Common-sense immigration policy should reflect who we are as Americans. All Americans living here come from diverse backgrounds; we are united by a shared commitment to the country we all call home. That’s why we should embrace the children of immigrants here in America and help them achieve the American Dream, like our families once did for us. Visit to learn more.


Common sense immigration policy should embrace our nation’s diversity. We are much stronger when we come together as Americans and work in the best interest of our country. That’s why it’s important to provide the millions of young New Americans who are here already with a quality education and childhood so they can grow up to contribute to the future success of this country. Learn more by visiting


Common sense immigration policy should be about ensuring that all children have a fair shot. America is a nation of values, founded on an idea – that all men and women are created equal. That’s why our constitution guarantees that every child born in America has access to the full benefits of U.S. citizenship, including the support they need to live healthy, productive lives. Visit for more information.