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From Uninsured Nightmare to Healthy Future: The Need for Multiyear Continuous Eligibility for Kids Enrolled in Medicaid and CHIP

| February 21, 2024 |

Prevention is better than cure, especially for children. Maintaining access to affordable health care coverage empowers them to thrive. However, as a result of

No Child Should Go Hungry

| January 26, 2024 |

Child hunger does not have to exist. Incredibly, policies that could keep children from going hungry are staring lawmakers at the federal and state

Streamline CHIP Expansion: A Call to Action After Florida’s Fumble

| January 24, 2024 |

Stable, affordable healthcare coverage helps ensure children can get the care they need to thrive. Since the Medicaid “unwinding” started in Spring 2023, over

Why Congress Must Pass the Bipartisan Tax Package

| January 24, 2024 |

Last night, House Leadership notified members of a potential vote on a bipartisan tax package that would make changes to the Child Tax Credit

Unveiling the 2023 Champions and Defenders of Children: Who Commits to Kids?

| January 17, 2024 |

In the halls of Congress, former Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) once told child advocates that she could go for weeks on end without hearing

Child and Youth Homelessness Continues to Increase — We Know What Works, Will Congress Act?

| January 16, 2024 |

Child, youth, and family homelessness is up significantly over the last year, according to two separate sets of new data. And yet, both reports

Medicaid Block Grants: A Perilous Political Game of Harm

| January 14, 2024 |

Republican candidates Trump, Haley, and DeSantis are considering resurrecting the idea from the dead. The specter of Medicaid block grants, a notion as persistent

Education Policy: Stopping the Agenda of ‘Organized Abandonment’

| January 8, 2024 |

The vast majority of parents in this country are deeply grateful to their kids’ teachers, the work they do, and for their partnership in

New data shows WIC reached only 50% of eligible moms & children

| November 3, 2023 |

The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) ensures that millions of children receive the food and nutrition education they need

Congress Is Shortchanging Children

| September 27, 2023 |

As part of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) in 2021, Congress made unprecedented investments in children, as the share of federal spending on kids rose