Abbie Malloy Director, Health, Environmental, and Nutrition Policy

Abbie Malloy is the Director of Health, Environmental, and Nutrition Policy at First Focus on Children. Abbie works on Medicaid and CHIP policy and leads the environmental health and nutrition portfolios. She also co-leads the Child & Student Nutrition Alliance, which convenes children’s health groups to advocate for the importance of adequate nutrition for kids’ health.

Prior to joining First Focus, Abbie spent her career in the climate sector. She previously worked for the Climate Reality Project and Climate Action Campaign, where she developed a deep passion for environmental justice and children’s health issues.

Abbie is originally from Philadelphia and holds a BA in Environmental Economics from the University of Maryland, College Park. She resides in DC with her rescue dog, Frankie, and is an avid equestrian in her spare time.

Resources by Abbie Malloy

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