John Monsif (Former Staff) Vice President, Government Relations

John Monsif serves as the Vice President of Government Relations. In this capacity, he works on the budget, appropriations and tax policy as they pertain to children and families along with leading the Children’s Budget Coalition. He brings to the position advocacy experience, over seven years of experience on Capitol Hill as a two-time Chief of Staff and Legislative Director and over six years in the private sector.

He previously served as the Senior Director of Government Relations for Save the Children’s recently created 501(c)(4), Save the Children Action Network (SCAN). As the head of government relations, he developed and executed the state and federal and legislative strategies along with overseeing policy for SCAN. He worked on two critical issues: (1) Securing early education – by ensuring access to high-quality early education for every U.S. child; and (2) Helping kids survive – by ending preventable, early childhood deaths around the world.

Prior to working at SCAN, John served as the Chief of Staff to Representatives John Delaney (D-MD-6) and Louise Slaughter (D-NY-25) and also served as Ms. Slaughter’s Legislative Director. In those roles, he quickly learned the legislative and political process, the key players, and a wide variety of issues including transportation and infrastructure and financial services. His first position on Capitol Hill was as a Systems Administrator for Christopher Shays (R-CT-04) beginning his career over at 32 years old.

John started his career as an Account Manager for David Michael & Company, a flavor company that sells to Fortune 100 food and beverage companies. Based in Boston, MA, he grew his sales territory by 85 percent over the six years in the position securing new business with major ice cream manufactures in New England.

John grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut and graduated from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce with a Bachelor of Science in finance.

He resides in Washington, DC with his wife.

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