Morna Murray (Former Staff) Senior Vice President for Health and Disabilities

Morna A. Murray, J.D., is Senior Vice President for Health and Disabilities for First Focus. She has spent nearly 25 years working in public policy and advocacy in the private sector, state government, and on Capitol Hill.

Morna recently returned to First Focus after serving as Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Developmental Services, and a member of Governor Dannel Malloy’s cabinet. In that position, she oversaw and implemented all state services for children and adults with disabilities throughout Connecticut. She focused on making services more available and accessible through agency reorganization, budgetary changes, and expansion of Medicaid waiver services; she also prioritized the involvement of self-advocates and families in agency programs and policy.

Morna previously served as Vice President and Counsel for First Focus. Prior to that, she was Senior Counsel to Senator Robert P. Casey, Jr. (D-PA), heading up all healthcare and children’s issues. She was Senator Casey’s lead staff member during the development and passage of the Affordable Care Act, and developed key legislative proposals and initiatives. Morna also served as Director of Youth Development for the Children’s Defense Fund (CDF), where she led an initiative that focused on comprehensive best practices and programs across the country addressing disparities affecting vulnerable families and children from birth through young adulthood.

Morna is a leading advocate for children and families and has authored numerous articles. She has a lifelong passion and commitment to working for the needs of children, families, and people with disabilities. A graduate of the George Washington University Law School, she is a member of the Connecticut, District of Columbia, and Florida Bars. She lives in Virginia and has two adult children.

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