Tim Smith Vice President, Digital Strategy

Tim Smith serves as Vice President, Digital Strategy for First Focus and brings over a decade of experience engaging audiences in the work of cause-based, non-profit organizations.

Before joining First Focus, he led digital campaigns at Leadership for Educational Equity where he helped build outreach strategies that recruited thousands of educators to take on policy, organizing, or elected leadership roles with a shared goal to end educational inequity. Prior to that, Tim spearheaded advocacy initiatives and engaged high-profile media personalities to raise awareness about opportunities for young people to lead and serve their communities at ServiceNation. Additionally, he served as an online organizer for Slow Food USA and a data analyst at Upworthy after stints in television production and public radio.

He has a deep commitment and passion for youth leadership and currently serves on the Massachusetts Promise Fellowship Advisory Board. He is a graduate of Fordham University and a proud native of Boston, MA.

Resources by Tim Smith

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