Sponsored by: Children’s Hospital Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, Family Voices, First Focus, Georgetown Center for Children and Families and March of Dimes An educational staff briefing on the Fundamentals of How Medicaid Works for Kids. This briefing is intended to give all congressional staff a solid understanding of Medicaid’s basic structure including who the program serves, how it serves these children and adolescents, and how it is financed. In addition, this briefing will explore the importance of Medicaid for various populations of children, including children with special health care needs, as well as how Medicaid has worked during the tough economic times to keep children covered. The panelists will each give a short presentation and leave time to answer any questions you have. Moderator: Jim Kaufman, Vice President of Public Policy, Children’s Hospital Association Panelists Leighton Ku, Director, Center for Health Policy Research, The George Washington University Bob Duncan, Executive Vice President of Community Services, Children’s Hospital and Health System, Milwaukee, WI Meg Comeau, Director, The Catalyst Center, Health & Disability Working Group, Boston University School of Public Health Jocelyn Guyer, Co-Executive Director, Georgetown Center for Children and Families This briefing is the first in a four-part series dedicated to exploring how Medicaid matters to kids’ health. The series will leave attendees with a broad but thorough understanding of Medicaid and its complexities, and a solid foundation from which to make positive policy decisions. Future briefings will discuss innovations in payment policy, mental and behavioral health initiatives, chronic conditions and more.