As Congress looks for ways to find smart savings in the health care system, this is an important time to learn more about Medicaid, which covers one in three of our nation’s children, making it the largest payor for children’s health care. Complex and chronic health issues affect millions of U.S. children and their families, many of whom are covered by Medicaid. Complex and chronic health issues not only cause poor health in children but also place a heavy financial burden on families and an enormous strain on the health care system.

This educational briefing will focus on how Medicaid serves children with complex and chronic illnesses and will highlight innovative state efforts under way to improve health outcomes and help families better manage their children’s health. Keeping kids healthy and, at the same time, reducing Medicaid costs for states is a win-win for kids, state budgets and the overall health care system. Pediatric experts will discuss flexibility within the Medicaid program, such as innovation awards and demonstration projects, and innovative methods to manage care, improve quality and lower costs. Panelists will give a brief presentation and leave time to answer questions.

MODERATOR: Jim Kaufman, PhD, Vice President, Public Policy, Children’s Hospital Association


  • Floyd Malveaux, MD, PhD, Executive Director, Merck Childhood Asthma Network, Inc.
  • Jocelyn Lawrence, MD, Medical Director, Dr. John T. MacDonald Foundation, School Health Initiative
  • Sandy Melzer, MD, MBA, Chief Strategy Officer, Seattle Children’s Hospital


  • Children’s Hospital Association
  • American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Family Voices
  • First Focus
  • Georgetown Center for Children and Families
  • March of Dimes