Briefing: Investing in Our Children Bridging the Gap between Rhetoric and Reality

Federal Budget

9:30 am - 11:00 am

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Investing in one’s kids is a top priority of many parents and household budgets across the nation. To be sure, parents pay for their kids’ lessons, team sports, after-school programs, health care, food, and clothing, among other things – all with the hope that one day their kids’ lives will be of even higher quality than their own. Yet, as parents work hard every day to provide for their own kids during this economic downturn, the same cannot be said for Uncle Sam and all of our nation’s children. This year, total federal spending on programs targeted at children accounted for less than 10% of the entire federal budget. Essential as children are to the future of our nation, this disparity in the federal response to kids reveals the significant need to close the gap between the policy rhetoric and reality.

Please join us to discuss how Congress can advance solutions to ensure the federal budget adequately addresses the needs of our children.

Coffee and Breakfast Pastries will be served.

Moderator: Ralph Forsht, Senior Vice President, First Focus

Featured Speakers:
• Rep. John Spratt, Chair, House Budget Committee (Invited)
• Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, Co-Chair, Congressional Children’s Caucus
• Rep. Donald Manzullo, Co-Chair, Congressional Children’s Caucus
• Maya MacGuineas, President, Committee for Responsible Federal Budget
• Stuart Butler, Vice President, The Heritage Foundation

For additional information, please contact or 202.587.2860