Briefing: Protecting children of color — What must be done now to prevent historic loss of health coverage


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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New research finds that two-thirds of children expected to lose Medicaid coverage at the end of the Public Health Emergency live in families of color. 

In “Federal and State Action is Needed to Protect Children’s Health Care, Especially in Communities of Color,” researcher Stan Dorn drills down on the 6.7 million children likely to lose Medicaid when continuous coverage requirements expire to reveal who those children are, where they live, and critically, what the federal and state governments can do to protect children from losing health coverage.

Speakers for this panel will include:

Bruce Lesley | President, First Focus on Children
Stan Dorn | Director, National Center for Coverage Innovation & Sr. Fellow at FamiliesUSA
Matthew Snider | Senior Health Policy Analyst, UnidosUS
Brittney Newton | Senior Policy Analyst, Voices for Georgia’s Children

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