Press Conference: Senator Dodd to Announce Report Card on The State of the American Child

Poverty & Family Economics

1:15 pm - 2:45 pm

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Senator Dodd (D-CT) will continue his career-long efforts on behalf of children and their families with an announcement tomorrow on the results of his look into the state of the American child. Dodd, joined by Senator Casey (D-PA), Mark Shriver from Save the Children, and Bruce Lesley from First Focus, will announce a new report card to measure children’s progress, release a report detailing the findings of the State of the American Child series of hearings held over the last year, and will continue his call for the creation of a National Council on Children.

The “State of the American Child” series, launched by Senator Dodd earlier this year, examined all aspects of children’s lives: their health from birth to adulthood, their educational experience in and out of the classroom, and their life at home with their families and in their communities; with the focus of the hearings being on the inter-connectedness of all these aspects and how they shape and define the lives of our children.

In attendance tomorrow at the Press Conference:
Senator Chris Dodd
Senator Bob Casey
Mark Shriver, Save the Children
Bruce Lesley, First Focus