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A Hole in the Safety Net Offered by the Affordable Care Act

Child Abuse & Neglect


By Ray Glier

Kayla VanDyke, 23, was on her way in a career as an advocate for foster youth in Oregon. She had a college degree in human physiology and she was working for Foster Club, an advocacy organization, counseling foster children who had traumatic experiences with sexual abuse and attachment issues. In and out of foster homes herself since she was 5 years old, VanDyke was looking at graduate schools in Oregon to strengthen her skills in child welfare and have more impact.

Instead, she had to return to her home state of Minnesota because of recurring health issues. The Affordable Care Act will cover foster youth who age out of foster care until they are 26 — unless they move into certain states. A provision in the Medicaid law allows Oregon to refuse health coverage to foster youth if they move in from out of state…

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