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Both Parties Seen Missing Mark on Childhood Poverty

Children on the Ballot
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With the Democratic National Convention kicking off today, advocates say both political parties are ignoring a major problem in New Hampshire and the nation: that of childhood poverty. 

CONCORD, N.H. – The Democratic National Convention kicks off today and advocates are concerned, because they say both parties are missing out on addressing a major problem in New Hampshire and the nation – child poverty.

Amy Ireland Bourgault, director of New Hampshire Kids Count, says even as the state recovers from the recession, tens of thousands of local children are growing up in families that have to cope with poverty on a daily basis.

“You know, we have 34,000 families in poverty, 42,000 children are food insecure and 64 percent of families that live here have to choose between food and meds,” she points out. “I think it needs the attention it deserves.”

Bergault says child poverty and hunger go hand in hand and that’s why …

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