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“Race Gap” Hurts American Children According to Children’s Budget Review

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Child’s World America

By Shannon Fandler


When it comes to government spending on children, race matters. In a 2016 review of the federal children’s budget, a growing racial divide was named as one of the largest issues facing American kids.

Demographer Dr. William Frey, who was present at the Children’s Budget Summit in Washington, D.C., hosted by the nonpartisan advocacy group First Focus, stated that America’s diversity explosion is “bigger than the Baby Boom.” By 2050, the United States will be home to more African-Americans, Latinos, and Asian-Americans than whites. In fact, since 2011, more babies from minority populations have been born in the United States than white babies, a demographic reversal that is likely here to stay.

Children of color are the future of the United States. But will they have access to the education and resources they need to reach their potential?

One possible roadblock is …

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