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Lifting Lower Court Injunction Would Allow Millions of Children to Achieve Their Full Potential

Children of Immigrants

Washington – As one of six principal signatories to an amicus brief for the forthcoming United States v. Texas Supreme Court case, First Focus joined more than 70 other national education, healthcare, and children’s welfare and advocacy organizations in support of lifting a lower court injunction preventing the implementation of the president’s most recent executive actions on immigration.

The amicus brief of educators and children’s advocates makes the case that the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA) program and the expansion of the established Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA+) should be immediately implemented because:

  • In its ruling, the lower Texas court of appeals failed to assess the harm to the public interest that DAPA and the extended DACA programs were designed to mitigate, particularly to U.S. citizen children of potential beneficiaries
  • The courts also failed to adequately account for the benefits of work authorization for the eligible population and the enhanced educational opportunities that expanded DACA would facilitate
  • The legislative history of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) promotes family stability among U.S. citizens and their undocumented family members that the Supreme Court has previously recognized

Additionally, studies show that children with undocumented parents at risk of deportation are more likely to suffer worse educational and social outcomes later in life and family separation results in substantial and well-recognized psychosocial harms that accompany parental abandonment.

“We are much stronger when we come together as Americans to protect all children in this country,” said Bruce Lesley, president of First Focus. “As bipartisan children’s advocates, we understand the importance of the president’s executive actions on immigration to the wellbeing of children and families.”

“The injunction that has put these programs on hold has left many children in perpetual uncertainty and unable to reach their full potential. These common-sense programs can pull families out of poverty, expand educational opportunities for youth, and provide much-needed stability that children need to thrive. We’re positive the Supreme Court will weigh the impact of these programs and their positive effect on our nation’s children and reach the favorable and just decision to move our country forward.”

The other five principal signatories are the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Federation of Teachers, the National Education Association, the Center for Law and Social Policy, and the National Association of Social Workers. Other supporters include the American Association of Community Colleges, the Child Welfare League of America, the Children’s Defense Fund, the National Women’s Law Center, and the United States Student Association.

Download a copy of the brief of educator’s and children’s advocates.


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