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Statement: Ending Birthright Citizenship Would Directly Harm Innocent Children

Children of Immigrants

The Trump administration is considering an executive order to end birthright citizenship in the United States. This move would be both dangerous and unconstitutional as the 14th amendment guarantees U.S. citizenship for every child regardless of race, color, or parental immigration status. Any repeal or restriction of birthright citizenship would not only undermine our American principles of fairness and equality, but it would be in direct contradiction of public opinion. Americans support the Constitution’s 14th Amendment protection of birthright citizenship for children by a 75-20 percent margin, according to a Mellman Group poll.

“If the Trump Administration wants to try and gut the Constitution and end birthright citizenship, let’s be clear at the outset, there is one group of people in this country that would be harmed by this proposal: children,” said Bruce Lesley, First Focus President. “Ending birthright citizenship would subject hundreds of thousands of children every year to potential deportation, statelessness, or force them into the shadows of society.”

“As for the impact, a change to birthright citizenship would have on ALL children, the bureaucracy, legal complexity, and cost would undoubtedly cause significant delays in ascertaining a child’s citizenship status and result in barriers to services and real harm to children. Children are absolutely critical to America’s future success, but only if we, as a society, support and invest in our children and don’t cast a chunk of them into the shadows as potential stateless non-citizens.”


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