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Statement: The harm of family separation goes beyond a failure to meet a deadline

Children of Immigrants

The United States Government missed today’s deadline to reunify all eligible children separated from their parents.

According to the latest numbers reported by the administration 463 parents have been deported without their children, 191 were deemed ineligible for reunification, and 260 require further investigation. Therefore, at least 914 children will not be reunified with their parents by today’s deadline set by District Court Judge Sabraw.

The following statement comes from Bruce Lesley, President of First Focus:

“This manufactured crisis will have long lasting effects on the lives of children who were needlessly separated from their parents and traumatically detained for months. Chaotic, uninformed, and malicious policy decisions have consequences, and it is unacceptable that the U.S. government be allowed to pass the buck especially as these consequences relate to the lives of innocent children.

First Focus calls on Judge Sabraw to require the administration to clean up the mess they created by reuniting all parents that were deported without their children and providing the court with verifiable information on the reasons more than 400 parents were deemed ineligible and/or require further investigation.”