Children make up half the world’s refugees

Late last night, the Trump Administration announced in a report to Congress that it intends to cap the number of refugees admitted into the United States at a historic low of 15,000 for Fiscal Year 2021. In response, First Focus on Children President Bruce Lesley issued the following statement:

“Half of the world’s 26 million refugees are children. Historically, the United States has led the world in refugee admissions, welcoming an average of 95,000 refugees a year. By setting the lowest refugee resettlement goal since the Refugee Act passed in 1980, the Trump Administration undoes our legacy of welcome and closes the door to millions of children who have fled persecution and violence in their home countries. This is another in a long line of policies that intentionally impose harm and trauma on children seeking safety. It is crystal clear that this Administration has no interest in protecting the best interest of refugee children.”