Child poverty remains high in the U.S., with nearly 1 in 5 children living in households below the poverty line.

Children experience poverty at a rate that is 62 percent higher than adults. Poverty is a particularly serious problem for children, who suffer negative effects for the rest of their lives after living in poverty for even a short time.

The U.S. Child Poverty Action Group, a coalition of child-focused organizations dedicated to reducing child poverty in the U.S., remains very concerned by recent proposals, including the recent Executive Order, to weaken public assistance programs by imposing cuts, employment documentation requirements, irrational time limits, and other unnecessary government bureaucratic barriers.

Counter to the proposed harmful initiatives that would increase child poverty, members of the U.S. Child Poverty Action Group drafted Our Kids, Our Future: Solutions to Child Poverty in the U.S., a compendium of more than 20 papers that provide recommendations to significantly reduce child poverty and improve child well-being.

View Our Kids, Our Future on the Child Poverty Action Group website.