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Investing in our Future: The Impact of Federal Budget Decisions on Children

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SBCHearing03First Focus President Bruce Lesley testified at a June 26, 2013, hearing of the Senate Budget Committee. This first-of-its-kind hearing, chaired by Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) examined the impacts of federal budget decisions on America’s children. The attached document includes his testimony as prepared for delivery, as well as appendices submitted to the committee. A complete witness list, all witnesses’ prepared testimony, and Chairwoman Murray’s opening statement are available on the committee’s website. The committee has also prepared a hearing wrapup, offering helpful background and context.

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SBCHearing06_0 A full house in the Senate Budget Committee hearing room SBCHearing01 Chairwoman Murray delivers her opening statement
SBCHearing03 First Focus President Bruce Lesley testifies SBCHearing08 Committee Ranking Member Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) asks Bruce Lesley a question
SBCHearing04 From left: Shavon Collier, parent; Sakhia Whitehead, Head Start graduate; Bruce Lesley; and Margaret Nimmo Crowe of Voices for Virginia’s Children SBCHearing10 Bruce Lesley’s testimony on the senators’ dais

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