Perspectives from the Field: Judge Ernestine Gray

Child Abuse & Neglect

The Honorable Ernestine GrayThe Honorable Ernestine Gray is the Chief Judge for Orleans Parish Juvenile Court in New Orleans, Louisiana. She has served the people of New Orleans as a juvenile court judge since 1984. The SPARC team interviewed Judge Gray for this podcast in January 2014, focusing on her insights on opportunities for progress on child abuse and neglect, the value of engaging other community systems in protecting children, and priorities for advocates.

“Approach the work with the understanding that you’re not going to change everything within the first week, or the first year, or the first five years that you are on the job — and maybe some things you won’t even change in 29 years. But approach the work with the commitment that you’re going to make the best decision that you can in every case, considering all the information that is made available to you at that moment.” — Hon. Ernestine Gray

A transcript of highlights from the interview is also available.


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