Office of U.S. Sen Angus King

The bills, which build on King’s anti-poverty agenda, would improve federal programs to help people find and keep jobs & reduce reliance on government assistance programs


WASHINGTON, D.C. – After introducing the EMPOWER Act last month, U.S. Senator Angus King (I-Maine) is continuing his push to tackle poverty in Maine by introducing two pieces of legislation today that would help make it easier for people to find and keep jobs.

Senator King today introduced the Access to Childcare Expansion (ACE) Act and theLeveling Access to Demonstrated Drivers of Employment Results (LADDER) Act. TheACE Act would make childcare more affordable and accessible for working families across Maine by modernizing an outdated childcare tax credit, and the LADDER Actwould better coordinate federal work support programs for people struggling to find employment.

The three bills – the EMPOWER Act, the ACE Act, and the LADDER Act – form Senator King’s anti-poverty agenda, which is aimed at improving federal government programs to help lift Americans out of poverty, put them back into the workforce, and reduce reliance on government assistance programs.

“It’s this simple: we can’t get people back to work if they can’t …”

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