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  • Speaking of Kids

    Speaking of Kids is a podcast series from First Focus on Children that uncovers why children are an afterthought in politics. In the latest episode, Representative Rosa DeLauro, a top champion for children in Congress and the chair of the babies caucus, discusses the impact of the Child Tax Credit on child poverty, and says it is on the top of her agenda, along with early childhood education and the Head Start program.

  • New Report

    Our latest report — The Child Tax Credit and its potential impact on the lives of children and future of the nation — examines if we are honoring our society’s commitment to children.

  • Children's Budget 2023

    Children’s Budget 2023 provides a comprehensive analysis of the share of spending allocated to kids across more than 250 government programs in the federal budget. Our analysis finds that U.S. spending on children — both here and abroad — accounts for less than 10% of the federal budget and has decreased nearly 16% in just one year.

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Spotlight on children’s budget