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  • Speaking of Kids with Taraji P. Henson

    Speaking of Kids is a podcast series from First Focus on Children that uncovers why children are an afterthought in politics. Academy Award-nominated actor Taraji P. Henson discusses the complexities and opportunities around supporting Black youth in the midst of the country’s current mental health crisis.

  • New Report

    Our latest report — The Child Tax Credit and its potential impact on the lives of children and future of the nation — examines if we are honoring our society’s commitment to children.

  • Children's Budget 2023

    Children’s Budget 2023 provides a comprehensive analysis of the share of spending allocated to kids across more than 250 government programs in the federal budget. Our analysis finds that U.S. spending on children — both here and abroad — accounts for less than 10% of the federal budget and has decreased nearly 16% in just one year.

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May 20, 2024 International Children

Keeping Kids in Families 

Great news came out of Kenya recently when the Catholic Church there joined child welfare organizations and government authorities…

May 20, 2024

Our “Great Society”

“A robust diet is our best health care,” First Focus Campaign for Children’s Abbie Malloy says. “Food is your…

Spotlight on children’s budget