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Youth Sports, Adult Conduct Disorders and One Shining Moment

Child Abuse & Neglect

Huffington Post, by Bruce Lesley

Children join the world of sports with the hope of having fun, learning skills, and being with their friends. According to Michigan State University’sInstitute for the Study of Youth Sports, an estimated 30 million children in our country play organized sports each year and the benefits to children include better health and a “character-building values such as teamwork, dedication, and discipline.”

Unfortunately, with great zeal and determination, adults can often mess it all up. They have increasingly taken over the games children play and become, what Jordan Cox calls, “the ultra-organizers” of youth sports. The problem, Cox argues is that “[w]hat parents want and what parents hope to gain from their children’s participation in organized youth sports is often at a polar extreme to what their kids want.” …Read more