Child Poverty Target

ThinkstockPhotos-122406133One-in-five kids are living at or below the poverty line. This trend is in stark contrast to the progress America has made in reducing poverty among seniors to about 9 percent, or less than half the child poverty rate. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom effectively cut child poverty in half over the same period, even during the global recession, through the creation of a national child poverty target and the implementation of related policies.

Creating a target to halve child poverty in America in ten years and eradicate it within a generation would establish poverty reduction as a national priority and challenge Congress and the Administration to take action towards this goal. It would serve as a rallying cry for the government and other stakeholders to take concrete steps to reduce child poverty in the United States. It would institutionalize the goal of reducing child poverty and create an impetus for public debate around the most effective interventions needed to achieve this target.

Download our newest report on the the UK Child Poverty Target and what we can learn from it in the United States.

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