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Who speaks for kids when decisions about their education, health, and safety are being made?

You do! Children need our collective attention and voice.

You’ve found Speaking of Kids…, a podcast series from First Focus on Children, that uncovers why children are an afterthought in politics. We’ll discuss how we can unify our efforts to demand change that will improve the well-being of all our kids.

Your hosts are Bruce Lesley and Messellech “Selley” Looby of First Focus on Children, a bipartisan advocacy organization that aims to make children the priority in federal budget and policy decisions. And when they’re not advocating for policy change, they’re busy raising their children – seven between them, enough to start a pretty solid basketball team with two subs included.

Each episode offers insight into the work being done to prioritize children in government, along with conversations with guests who stand at the center of the most pressing issues facing kids.

Upcoming conversations will include careful explorations of children’s rights and how they contrast with the parent’s rights movement, a look at the way Americans think they are prioritizing kids’ interests vs how they really act, the Child Tax Credit, and much,

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