Children on the Ballot

Children can't vote and don’t have Political Action Committees or Super PACs, so they are counting on all of us to make their voices heard. Our "Children on the Ballot" series analyzes the issues impacting kids in the upcoming 2016 election.


Fact Sheet: Hispanic Voters Strongly Support Investments in Our Children & Grandchildren

| November 9, 2022 |

Based on a nationwide poll conducted by Lake Research Partners of 1,000 likely voters with oversamples of parents, Black, and Hispanic voters in May

Fact Sheet: Black Voters Strongly Support Investments in Our Children and Grandchildren

| November 9, 2022 |

By a wide margin, Black voters believe the U.S. is spending too little on children (68% too little to 6% too much). When it

Fact Sheet: Young Adult Voters Strongly Support Investments in Our Children…and so Do Senior Citizens

| November 9, 2022 |

By wide margins, young voters under age 30 believe the U.S. is spending too little on children (65% too little to 7% too much).

Fact Sheet: Parents Support a Positive Child and Family Agenda

| November 9, 2022 |

By a more than 5-to-1 margin, parents believe the federal government is spending too little on children (63% too little to 12% too much).

120 lawmakers propelled record investment in children, new scorecard says

| November 3, 2022 |

Scorecard for 117th ranks members’ commitment to children One-hundred-and-twenty members of Congress helped propel record investment in children this year, according to a new

More than ever, we need Champions for Children — these are policymakers meeting the moment

| February 4, 2021 |

Our nation’s children face multiple challenges to their well-being stemming from years of a declining share of federal investments in their future, the COVID-19

Survey shows voters rank kids as top priority

| November 23, 2020 |

Majority signal unity around children’s issues In this deeply divided nation, a majority of Americans find common ground on one single issue: the well-being

Voters Have Spoken and They Support Children

| November 23, 2020 |

A 2020 election-eve survey of voters by Lake Research Partners reflects a divided nation on politics but finds American voters bridge that divide in

National Coalition Calls for Creating New White House-led Focus on Children and Youth

| November 19, 2020 |

Health, Education, Child, and Youth Development, and Nutrition Leaders Urge Incoming Biden Administration to Prioritize Office on Children and Youth First Focus on Children

One clear election day result: voters want Champions for Children

| November 5, 2020 |

It’s been two days since Election Day 2020 and the results are still unclear for many races throughout the country — most notably, for