The Biden Administration has ordered a review of regulations related to the Affordable Care Act with the aim of eliminating a flaw that excludes nearly 2.8 million children from health care coverage.

The so-called “family glitch” underestimates the true cost of covering a family, making employer-sponsored coverage unaffordable by excluding the family from marketplace subsidies.

Recent action by the Administration could repair this oversight as early as this summer. Please see our fact sheet “Removing the Family Glitch from the ACA” for more details.

First Focus on Children has worked for more than a decade to repair the family glitch. In 2012, First Focus Campaign for Children sent a letter to Congressional Leadership and President Obama urging them to remedy the family glitch, either through legislation or administrative action. In 2014, First Focus President Bruce Lesley testified before a Capitol Hill health care committee, urging Congress to fix this flaw, which has prevented more than two million children a year from receiving health care coverage.