“Speaking of Kids…” to offer insight, advocacy opportunities

First Focus on Children has launched “Speaking of Kids…,” a podcast series that explores the way government leaders support — or shortchange — our nation’s children.

The first episode, which dropped today, highlights how — and, more importantly, why —lawmakers often treat children as an afterthought. As co-hosts of the program, First Focus on Children’s President Bruce Lesley and Chief Operating Officer Messellech “Selley” Looby outline the organization’s holistic approach to putting children at the center of public policy.

“People often don’t think about children as a policy issue,” Lesley said. “Sure, they know that education is about children, but what about health care? Taxes? Homelessness? Kids need all these things, they don’t need just one of these things. And once people get that connection — that policy does matter for kids, that money matters for kids — they become really passionate. The ‘Speaking of Kids…’ podcast wants to tap into that passion to hold policy makers accountable.”

“All of our work on Capitol Hill and with the Administration points lawmakers to solutions, not just problems,” Looby said. “’Speaking of Kids…’ will do the same thing. Every episode will offer listeners a conversation with policy experts, members of Congress, or other smart people and will outline ways to get involved in making things better for kids.”

Early in the series, pollster Celinda Lake outlines what voters really think about children — and what they want from lawmakers. An interview with Drexel University professor Adam Benforado hones in on children’s rights. And longtime educator and education advocate Arnie Fege dissects the parental pandemonium plaguing schools.

‘Speaking of Kids…’ will drop new episodes every two weeks. The next episode, “Who’s for Kids, and Who’s Just Kidding? with Celinda Lake,” will be ready to download on October 25. Discover episodes at the First Focus on Children websiteApple PodcastsSpotify or wherever you get your podcasts.