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REPORT: Big Ideas 2023 offers fresh proposals for improving the health, safety and well-being of children

Today, First Focus on Children releases its 2023 edition of Big Ideas, an occasional series offering fresh proposals for improving the health, safety, and well-being of children.

Big Ideas 2023 delivers innovative solutions to issues such as child homelessness, education reform, economic justice, and children’s health care from scholars, advocates, and other experts from leading organizations around the country. Articles focus on the Southeast and Southwest regions, which routinely underperform on the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s annual indicators of child well-being, tackling the legacy of welfare reform, promoting educational equity for dual-language learners and children with disabilities, and examining other issues such as delivery of support services.

The journal also branches into the international sector for the first time, elevating the voice and vision of migrant youth and discussing ways to educate children in the midst of conflict or disaster.

Woven through with case studies, journalists and media will find Big Ideas a rich resource of examples and stories about children who have experienced new solutions to old problems.

“Part of our job as advocates is to surface solutions to the most pressing problems facing children and to promote those solutions among the public and lawmakers,” said First Focus on Children President Bruce Lesley. “We’re grateful to the scholars and experts who contributed their research to Big Ideas 2023 and look forward to seeing their innovative proposals applied where they will be most helpful to children and the people who care for them.”

To download Big Ideas 2023, please visit our website.