The Biden Administration has withdrawn a Trump-era rule that would have forced 25,000 mixed-status immigrant families from their homes, including 55,000 children. Bruce Lesley, president of First Focus on Children, welcomed the news with the following statement: 

“Children of immigrants spent four years under attack and the pandemic has put them at even greater risk, especially for losing housing. In its own analysis, the Department of Housing and Urban Development acknowledged that ‘fear of the family being separated would lead to prompt evacuation by most mixed households.’ Denying children access to safe and stable housing is not only immoral, but economically foolish. The long-term viability of our economy is dependent on our children and youth. We welcome the withdrawal of this rule and look forward to a housing administration that dedicates its efforts to advancing policies that strengthen — rather than undermine — the ability of immigrants to support themselves and their families in the future.”

A recent survey by Urban Institute found housing to be one of the most pressing needs of immigrant families during the pandemic. For more information on the proposed rule’s impact, please visit the comments filed by First Focus on Children with the Department of Housing and Urban Development.