Children’s Week 2023, which runs from June 11-17, will feature conversations, briefings, and in-person events with federal and state lawmakers, members of the Administration, advocates, and academics on topics including what children and parents need and want, how to combat economic inequality, and the social and economic benefits of investing in children.

Children’s Week could not come at a better time, our children are facing a mortality crisis. They are wrestling with anti-child discrimination in their schools, sports, and other programs. Millions may lose their health care as pandemic programs unwind, and millions more struggle against the damage to our child care, early education, and child poverty reduction programs created by decades of disinvestment. Many of our lawmakers claim to speak for our children and grandchildren. Yet, so many pieces of legislation — from the expiration of the Child Tax Credit to the recent debt ceiling bill — in fact disproportionately hurt kids. During Children’s Week and beyond, Congress must take bold steps to ensure our children’s well-being, not harm them with cuts.

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  • Join us in celebrating #ChildrensWeek2023, a week dedicated to reversing the trends that undermine our nation’s children. Learn more about the events and conversations happening during this important week at
  • It’s time to prioritize the well-being of our children. During #ChildrensWeek2023, federal and state lawmakers, advocates, and academics will discuss how to combat economic inequality and invest in children. Join the conversation at
  • Our children are facing a mortality crisis and various forms of discrimination. As #ChildrensWeek2023 approaches, let’s urge Congress to take bold steps to protect our children’s well-being. Find out more at
  • Millions of children are at risk of losing their healthcare and facing the consequences of disinvestment in child poverty reduction programs. Join us during #ChildrensWeek2023 as we demand Congress to prioritize our children’s needs. Visit to get involved.
  • Children’s Week 2023 is here! Let’s hold lawmakers accountable for their actions affecting our children. It’s time for Congress to prioritize investments in child care, early education, and poverty reduction programs. Learn how you can make a difference at

Event-Specific Tweets

Protecting our Students: A Conversation with FL State Rep. Anna Eskamani & PEN America’s Jonathan Friedman, Virtual, 1pmET

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  • Don’t miss @first_focus’ #ChildrensWeek2023 event on June 12 at 1 pmET w/ @AnnaForFlorida & @PENamerica’s @jonfreadom. They will discuss the challenges our public schools face & how we can protect our students. Register now:
  • Join @AnnaForFlorida & @PENamerica’s @jonfreadom for a crucial conversation on 6/12 at 1 pmET as we address the censorship, anti-LGBTQ policies, & curriculum bans affecting our public schools. Let’s protect our students together. Register here: #ChildrensWeek2023
  • Calling all advocates for education! Join @first_focus on 6/12 at 1 pmET for a powerful discussion w/ @AnnaForFlorida & @PENamerica’s @jonfreadom during #ChildrensWeek2023. Together, we’ll explore the impacts of harmful policies on our students & how we can create safer schools. Register now:

Sample Event-Specific Tweets

  • Education is a kid’s issue. Let’s prioritize their needs, concerns, & well-being. Check out the #ChildrensWeek2023 conversation w/ @first_focus @AnnaForFlorida & @jonfreadom —  learn how we can all advocate for high-quality education. Watch
  • Education should nurture growth & create informed citizens. It’s time to focus on what really matters. Check out the #ChildrensWeek2023 conversation w/ @first_focus @AnnaForFlorida & @jonfreadom. Watch
  • Let’s reject agendas that prioritize adult interests over children’s education. Our teachers deserve respect for their incredible work. Join the conversation during #ChildrensWeek2023 at
  • Education is about children, not politics. We must keep our focus on the well-being & safety of students. Join us for #ChildrensWeek2023 & stand up for children’s rights in education. Join the conversation during #ChildrensWeek2023 at
  • Privatizers, profiteers, & book banners should not dictate children’s education. Join the conversation during #ChildrensWeek2023 at & reject agendas that harm our students.

Tues, June 13: Baby Bonds for Every Kid’s Future: A look at combatting economic inequality through Baby Bonds. Hosted by Prosperity Now. In-Person at the U.S. Capitol Visitors Center, 9amET or on Social media

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  • Join @prosperitynow for For Every Kid’s Future on June 13th at 9 am ET. This event will focus on #BabyBonds and the American Opportunity Accounts Act. Don’t miss out on insightful keynote speeches by @SenBooker & @RepPressley. Register now: #ChildrensWeek2023 #ForEveryKidsFuture
  • Calling all advocates kids! Don’t miss “For Every Kid’s Future” on June 13th at 9 am ET, at @visitthecapitol. Join @prosperitynow as they discuss #BabyBonds & the American Opportunity Accounts Act. Special keynote speakers: @SenBooker & @RepPressley. Register here: #ChildrensWeek2023 #ForEveryKidsFuture
  • Join @prosperitynow For Every Kid’s Future on June 13th at 9 am ET. They’ll explore the importance of #BabyBonds and the American Opportunity Accounts Act. Hear inspiring keynote speeches by @SenBooker & @RepPressley. Register today: #ChildrensWeek2023 #ForEveryKidsFuture

A full toolkit for the “For Every Kid’s Future” can also be found below:

Sample Baby Bonds Tweets

Thurs, June 15: Investing in Kids: An examination of why we must invest in children, with a first look at the upcoming Babies in the Budget report, which examines spending on infants and toddlers. Featuring Administration officials, child advocates, and leaders of the Congressional Dads Caucus, Mamas’ Caucus and Baby Caucus. In-person at the Library of Congress or Live-streaming,1pmET

Sample Promotional Tweets

  • On 6/15 at 1 pmET join @RepJimmyGomez, @RepRashida, & Rep @rosadelauro (chairs of the Congressional Dads, Mamas, & Baby Caucuses) to discuss why we need to #InvestInKids. Register here: #ChildrensWeek2023
  • Celebrate Father’s Day & #ChildrensWeek2023 by joining the #InvestInKids Briefing on 6/15 at 1 pmET. Hear from experts as they discuss federal funding for infants & toddlers & the impact of investments in children. Register now:
  • Don’t miss the #InvestInKids Briefing on 6/15 at 1 pmET, organized by @first_focus, @ZEROTOTHREE, & @ChildDefender. Congressional leaders & child advocates will discuss federal investments for children. Be part of the conversation! Register here:

Sample Babies in the Budget Tweets

  • Did you know that just 1.7% of the federal budget goes to support infants & toddlers? It’s time to prioritize investments in our youngest children. Learn more in the fact sheet by @first_focus & @ZEROTOTHREE: #InvestInKids #ChildrensWeek2023
  • During the first three years of life, children’s brains make more than 1 million neural connections every second. Discover the importance of early years in shaping children’s lives. Check out the fact sheet by @first_focus & @ZEROTOTHREE: #InvestInKids #ChildrensWeek2023
  • Inequities start at birth, w/ 40% of all babies living in families w/ low income or in poverty. Let’s work towards reducing these disparities. Read the fact sheet by @first_focus & @ZEROTOTHREE on federal investments in infants & toddlers: #InvestInKids #ChildrensWeek2023
  • Federal investments play a crucial role in reducing inequities & supporting infants & toddlers’ healthy development. Learn more about the programs that make a difference. Dive into the fact sheet by @first_focus & @ZEROTOTHREE: #InvestInKids #ChildrensWeek2023
  • The federal share of spending on infants & toddlers falls well short of their needs. It’s time to prioritize their well-being & future success. Explore the fact sheet by @first_focus & @ZEROTOTHREE: #InvestInKids #ChildrensWeek2023
  • Proposed cuts to non-defense discretionary spending could heavily impact programs that support infants & toddlers. Join us in advocating for their futures. Read the fact sheet by @first_focus & @ZEROTOTHREE: #InvestInKids #ChildrensWeek2023
  • Labor-HHS-Education Subcommittee programs are critical for shaping early development. Discover the programs at risk & their potential impact on infants & toddlers. Check out the fact sheet by @first_focus & @ZEROTOTHREE: #InvestInKids #ChildrensWeek2023
  • Child care, early learning, & early intervention services are essential for our youngest children. Learn about the potential impact of proposed cuts on these vital programs. Read the fact sheet by @first_focus & @ZEROTOTHREE: #InvestInKids #ChildrensWeek2023
  • Let’s redouble our commitment to babies & invest in the earliest years of their lives. Discover the positive outcomes of prioritizing early investments. Dive into the fact sheet by @first_focus & @ZEROTOTHREE: #InvestInKids #ChildrensWeek2023
  • Congress must prioritize investments in infants & toddlers, ensuring a robust support system for their healthy development. Learn why these investments matter. Explore the fact sheet by @first_focus & @ZEROTOTHREE:

Fri, June 16: Fighting to Improve the Tax Code for Kids: A discussion of why we must restore improvements to the Child Tax Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit, with information on the recently reintroduced House bill and upcoming Senate bill. Featuring Sens. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and Michael Bennet (D-CO) plus an expert panel. Virtual, 1pmET.

Sample Promotional Tweets

  • Mark your calendars! Join @first_focus on 6/16 at 1pmET for a #ChildrensWeek2023 webinar on improving the tax code for kids. Discover the positive impact of recent improvements to the #ChildTaxCredit & #EITC. Take action & advocate for further expansion. Register now:
  • Exciting news! Don’t miss the @first_focus webinar on 6/16 at 1 pmET, focused on improving the tax code for kids. Learn about the latest research highlighting the benefits of the #ChildTaxCredit & #EITC. Take action to support further expansion. Register here:
  • Calling all advocates for children’s rights! Join @first_focus on 6/16 at 1 pmET for a #ChildrensWeek2023 webinar. Explore the positive impact of recent improvements to the #ChildTaxCredit & #EITC. Discover how you can make a difference by urging lawmakers to expand these credits. Register now: