First Focus on Children sent the following letter to President Joe Biden as well as Vice President Kamala Harris inviting them to celebrate Children’s Week 2022 by issuing a presidential proclamation, participating in Children’s Week events, and using executive action to support children.

Excerpt from the letter:

Every year, First Focus on Children, alongside the children’s community, acknowledges the 2nd Sunday of June as Children’s Day and the start of Children’s Week. Children’s Week is an opportunity for child advocates to come together to raise awareness of the issues impacting children and share proposed policy solutions. It is clear your Administration recognizes that children are a vulnerable population which require unique policy solutions. Within the first year, the Biden-Harris White House has been able to accomplish so much for children. The expanded Child Tax Credit enacted through the American Rescue Plan dramatically reduced child poverty— an issue known to negatively affect nearly every other aspect of a child’s life. Your American Families Plan was one of the strongest proposals for kids ever put forth by a president, and your proposed FY2021 budget reversed the downward spending trend of the federal share allocated to kids from historic lows under the Trump Administration to the highest recorded level by First Focus on Children.

Read the full letter.