In 1991, the National Commission on Children approved a blueprint for national policy to benefit America’s children and families. In response, Congress and the President expanded the Earned Income Tax Credit, created the Child Tax Credit and established the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. We believe that a new National Commission will catalyze the next generation of groundbreaking policies for children and families.

Similar to the Children’s Act of 2010, a National Commission would once again focus the attention of federal policymakers and national news media on children’s issues, generate new ideas for policy reforms that meet the challenges children face today, and create momentum for once-in-a-generation change. Among other activities, a National Commission could annually assess the performance of the United States in ensuring the well-being of children, and make recommendations to improve children’s well-being. In doing so, it would help bring the needs of children to the policy forefront and generate momentum for improving the lives of our nation’s youth.