The Child Welfare and Racial Equity (CWARE) Collaborative brings together more than a dozen organizations dedicated to transforming the child welfare system. Under the leadership of “lived experts” — people who have survived the system as children, youth, parents, kinship care givers, and foster parents — the Collaborative pursues the radical, anti-racist transformation of the child welfare system so that children, parents, and families are free to thrive in their homes and communities.


The Collaborative is comprised of roughly 20 federal and state-level advocates in the fields of child welfare, early childhood and health. But its heart is the Coordinating Committee, made of five subject matter experts and nine “lived experts” — those who have personally experienced the child welfare system. The Coordinating Committee guides The Collaborative’s values, principles and goals. Federal and state-level advocates come from the following organizations:


The Collaborative works to transform the child welfare system from one that regulates families to one that takes an anti-racist approach to family integrity and child safety.


The Collaborative centers the expertise of individuals who have lived through the system to create policy recommendations, events, tools, strategic plans, and organizational connections. Our lived experts are co-leaders and co-creators of The Collaborative’s recommendations and efforts and are compensated as such.