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The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has a proposed rule in the Federal Register that drastically changes long-standing, bipartisan immigration policy determining eligibility for green cards and admission to the U.S.

The proposed rule targets tax-paying, legal immigrant households by allowing government officials to consider the use of an applicant’s broad range of services such as Medicaid, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), and housing assistance when determining eligibility for green cards and/or lawful admission to the U.S.

Approximately 1 in 4 children (18 million) live in a family with at least one immigrant parent and children of immigrants are the fastest-growing group of American children. The majority of children of immigrants live in a household where both parents are working but are employed in lower-paying jobs that don’t provide enough income for them to meet their families’ needs. Holding this legal use of benefits against them threatens their economic security and the health and wellbeing of their children.

We’ve joined with the Protecting Immigrant Families Campaign to advocate against the public charge proposed regulation. Below, find resources including model comments, a social media toolkit, and fact sheet resources to guide your advocacy throughout the duration of the Public Comment period.

To take a stand for children and families, you can submit comments on the proposed rule:

Model Comment Sample Word File/PDF File 

You can this as a starter point for your comments–it is critical that the federal government hears from you regarding the severe negative implications of this rule for children’s health, nutrition, economic security, and overall wellbeing, so we can stop this attack on our nation’s children. Submit your comments to

Some tips:

  • For a comment to count, 30 percent of it needs to be unique language – so please include areas to personalize and write in your own words
  • Explain why you or your organization is uniquely qualified to comment
  • Please don’t mention any programs that are not explicitly mentioned in the rule
  • The deadline is Monday, December 10, but we are asking people to submit comments around Thanksgiving to avoid any technical issues

Social Media Toolkit

Use our social media toolkit to highlight how this proposed rule would devastate children and families and spread the message to your network.

Fact Sheet: The Public Charge Rule Harms Children 

Delve into the details of the proposed rule and see our analysis on its consequences if it is implemented.

Our Comments: The Administration’s Public Charge Rule Means Negative Consequences for Children of Immigrants

See our final take submitted to the federal register on this terrible rule.


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