Today, First Focus on Children co-hosted a briefing with Representative Danny K. Davis, (IL-7th District) on the economic obstacles that Transition-Age Youth (TAY) face and how tax credits can offer potential solutions. In addition to opening remarks from Rep. Davis (a 10-time Champion for Children), the briefing included an expert panel of advocates who presented recommendations to increase awareness and opportunities for Congress to invest in long-term solutions for these young people.

Even before the pandemic, many transition-aged youth (TAY) between the ages of 16 and 24 who have been in foster care struggled to achieve a measure of economic stability as they found their footing as adults. The temporary changes to the Child Tax Credit, the Earned Income Tax Credit, and the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit could help many TAY youth who have experienced foster care find a way out of deep poverty, and maintain their housing, food security, school enrollment, employment, and more. At the same time, an expansion of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit could create powerful new financial incentives for private-sector employers to invest in TAY.

Panelists for this briefing included:

  • Jennifer Pokempner | Policy Director, Youth Law Center
  • Anna Johnson | Senior Project Manager, John Burton Advocates for Youth
  • Cara Baldari | Vice President, Family Economics, Housing and Homelessness, First Focus on Children
  • Michelle Dallafior | Senior Vice President, Budget and Tax, First Focus on Children
  • Aubrey Edwards-Luce | Senior Director, Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice, First Focus on Children

Materials Referenced in this briefing include: