As we enter a new year, and a new Administration, it is more important than ever to protect the health, safety and well-being of the next generation. Show your support for kids by sharing these key messages about why children are the best investment:


Ensure that kids stay healthy and strong. [Download Graphic]
Sample text: Millions of children stay healthy thanks to the Children’s Health Insurance Program. Ensure that they continue to get the healthcare they need and deserve. Donate to First Focus today: #InvestInKids

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Kids shouldn’t have to worry about the future. [Download Graphic]
Sample text: Kids shouldn’t have to worry about their future – let’s leave that to the adults. First Focus works to ensure that kids are prioritized in Congress. Help secure their future by donating today: #InvestInKids

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postelectiondonate_3Defend their future because no one else will. [Download Graphic]
Sample text: Now more than ever before, we must protect and advocate for our children, especially those who are the children of immigrants. We cannot lose hope and must continue the work to raise the voices of children and families across the nation: #InvestInKids

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postelectiondonate_4Their health means the health of our nation. [Download Graphic]

Sample text: When kids win, we all win. You can take action today to help prioritize kids’ health and safety. No kid should have to worry about their future: #InvestInKids

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