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Children are leading a demographic transformation in America. How our nation’s leader’s respond will undoubtedly play an important role in either improving the well-being of our nation’s children or leading to future declines.

A recent First Focus report highlighted what we believe are the five most important demographic trends that illustrate the challenges and opportunities for America’s children, including that for the first time in 2011, a majority of U.S. babies were non-white. A majority minority. We also know that children of immigrants will continue to be part of the changing face of America as well as it’s future. And contrary to what you may currently hear, new First Focus polling finds that the majority of non-Latino voters in key states favor providing children of immigrants the same rights as all other U.S. citizen children in America.

But we’re not the only ones taking notice. Jose Antonio Vargas, the journalist and activist well-known for his 2011 The New York Times Magazine feature describing life as an undocumented American is launching a media platform, EmergeUS, that will cover the intersection of race, immigration, and identify that is so critical to addressing the changing needs of American children. He promises that, “We are creating a new media for this new America.”

Over the course of the current campaign cycle, eight million children will be born in this country. If our nation’s elected leaders do nothing, more than 75,000 of those children below the age of 2 will be abused or neglected, over 500,000 will be uninsured, and nearly two million will live in poverty. As the racial generation gap continues to grow, the geographic regions with the largest child population growth continue to have the poorest outcomes.

For that to change, we need to hear more from the media about our country’s changing demographics and identity. Learn more about EmergeUS and how you can become a funder (every dollar is matched) here.

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Changing face of America to be highlighted in new media platform >> v/ @First_Focus #InvestInKids #EmergingUS
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