Children-in-Immigration-ReformAs our nation’s leaders move forward with the important task of reforming the federal immigration system, most recently with a House Judiciary Committee hearing, it is critical that they consider the specific needs of children and youth. Children have historically been disregarded or intentionally excluded in U.S. immigration policy decisions, which, combined with increased enforcement, has had devastating effects on children and their families, as this infographic shows. Congress now has an opportunity to reverse this trend and ensure that our immigration policy works for children and their families.

To help guide this ongoing reform conversation to include the needs of children, First Focus and the Women’s Refugee Commission led an effort to develop principles for children in immigration reform that would ensure that our immigration reform efforts consider the best interests of children and their families. More than 200 organizations representing children, immigrants, faith communities, and civil rights have endorsed these principles. It is important that Congress listen to these organizations and consider these principles moving forward so our immigration policy no longer harms children and families unnecessarily. As this infographic shows, our current policies negatively impact children and their families. It’s time to reform our immigration system so it works for children.