Right now, Congress has the opportunity to cut child poverty, ensure more kids have access to health care, and save our struggling child care system. Some Senators have openly called for dramatic cuts — stalling efforts to improve the lives of children.

But, I’m hopeful that we can fight these cuts. Why? We’ve been here before. Let me tell you a quick story about what happened last time and how we saved kids from being cut out…

Back in 2009, Congress found itself in the precarious position of making cuts to a bill that would help millions of Americans but needed help getting across the finish line. Sound familiar? In this case, it was the Obama-era American Recovery & Reinvestment Act — a stimulus bill that would help the nation rebound after a terrible recession with investments in all aspects of American life (including children’s health, education, child care, etc). Sound really familiar? But, when the bill got to the Senate, it was cut by $100 billion — and the worst part, over 40% of the cuts would impact children — 4-0%!

But, the children’s community stepped up. Champions for Children stepped up. We asked Senators why kids were getting shortchanged and why the future leaders of our country were being cut out of our recovery effort. And, an amazing thing happened…

They backed off and the kids’ cuts were scrapped. 

This bill would put us on a pathway to ending child poverty through investments like the child tax credit. It would finally prioritize children’s health by funding the Children’s Health Insurance Program the same way we do every other healthcare program. It would reverse the dramatic spikes in food insecurity seen during the pandemic. It would save a struggling child care system and give our economy the crucial boost it needs. It would also prevent youth homelessness, invest in school infrastructure, and much more.

Simply put —  the bill would prioritize kids in a way we tragically haven’t before. But, all of this could be slashed, if we don’t act now.

We’ve been here before. We can do it again. Tell your Members of Congress to prioritize children in the reconciliation bill before it’s too late.

74 million children are counting on you — Congress won’t step up unless they hear from all of us. Be a voice for kids.