With increasing frequency, there has been an underlying premise in the rhetoric of some education reformers that “money doesn’t matter” in America’s educational system and that enormous inequities in funding among our nation’s schools can simply be overcome by more testing and accountability, merit pay, charter schools, or a variety of other school reform measures.

However, a new report by the Texas Equity Center entitled “Money Does Matter!: Investing in Texas Children and Our Future” systematically dispels that myth and highlights the many ways education inequity undermines our nation’s poorest school systems while putting millions of our nation’s children at a significant disadvantage. In fact, the report shows that precisely because of the imposition of additional standards and requirements, as well as changing demographics, schools across Texas and across this nation very much deserve and need additional funding and support if we hope to really ensure all of our nation’s children achieve to their fullest potential.

As the Texas Equity Center concludes, “This collaborative project seeks to put an end to the question of whether money matters in providing a high-quality education to all children.”

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