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In this episode, hosts Bruce Lesley and Messellech Looby chat with Phyllis Rabinowitz, Co-Founder and Co-President of the R Baby Foundation. Phyllis co-founded the R Baby Foundation with her husband, Andrew, after the loss of their nine-day-old daughter, Rebecca Ava, due to a misdiagnosis in the emergency room. The R Baby Foundation is the first and only foundation dedicated to making sure every emergency room is prepared to give babies and children lifesaving care. 

Phyllis emphasizes the importance for emergency care to be tailored to the needs of babies and children. Each year, 1400 children pass away in emergency rooms because of the lack of pediatric preparedness. Phyllis recommends that parents research the emergency room to see if have pediatric care coordinators and urges policy changes that would ensure better training, staffing, equipment, research, and education to improve the delivery of emergency care and treatment to children.

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