Calling all parents and child advocates! Did you know that with just a few minutes of your time, you can make a big difference and protect the health of millions of children.

A vital investment in children’s health called the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) could be on the chopping block if Congress fails to act fast. Right now, millions of children get their health care through CHIP, but if Congress fails to act soon, federal funding will end in October. But we can prevent that from happening. And this Thursday, we’re hosing a conference call on ways to get involved in protecting CHIP. The call is open to everyone!

Our policy and advocacy experts will explain the basics of CHIP, what’s at risk for our children, and easy ways that you can make sure Congress extends CHIP.

WHO: First, Young Invincibles, and YOU

WHAT: A conference call on the threat to the Children’s Health Insurance Program and how you can become involved. You’ll get the latest facts, research-informed messages, and a list of doable steps you can take from home to protect the future of child health.

WHEN: Thursday, Feb. 19 at 8:30p EST / 7:30p CST / 6:30p MST / 5:30p PST

HOW: Register here, then join the call by dialing (855)-756-7520 ext. 27887#.

WHY: The health coverage of over 8 million children is at risk.

Commuting home? Making dinner? Crafting with the kids? No problem – there’s no need to keep track of the time because we’ll call you. Just listen along while you go about your evening. We promise to keep things short!

Together with Medicaid, CHIP has helped to cut the rate of uninsured kids in half and has protected children from becoming uninsured during the recession. It is an economic lifeline that delivers peace of mind for millions of working families.