COVID-19 has revealed an ugly truth: the kids are not alright.

Decades of chronic underfunding by lawmakers have made the pandemic and its economic fallout a crisis for our nation’s children. A record number are going hungry. Nearly 7 million could lose their health care. Child poverty threatens to swallow millions, and Black and Latinx children are many times more likely to go hungry, homeless or without health care. We’ve made going to school a life-or-death choice.

On Monday, July 27 — less than 100 days until the 2020 election — First Focus on Children launches #Commit2Kids, a campaign challenging candidates and elected officials nationwide to tell us what, exactly, they will do for our country’s children.  

Join First Focus President Bruce Lesley and Sen. Cory Booker at Noon ET (7/27) as they launch the campaign with a discussion on why lawmakers must defend children, even though they can’t vote and do not have Super PACs.

Sen. Booker was named a 2019 Champion for Children by First Focus Campaign for Children. As a Democratic primary candidate, Sen. Booker proposed slashing child poverty.