Tonight, we conclude two straight weeks of conventions. I know, it’s been a lot.

When we asked, overwhelmingly, you told us that you wanted your leaders to have a plan for addressing child poverty. The New York Times devoted a massive cover story to this exact topic

When Jason DeParle, the article’s author, asked First Focus on Children President Bruce Lesley how children were being affected by the pandemic, he told him what you all already know — “every aspect of their lives is being affected” by this virus. Because of that, we need our leaders to #Commit2Kids with immediate action.

If you’ve been watching the conventions, you have definitely heard lots of speakers talk about children. Every night, both parties told us that we need to invest in the next generation. On Tuesday night, First Lady Melania Trump declared that helping children “isn’t a political issue. It is our moral imperative.”

But, here’s the thing — we need this to be both a moral and a political issue.

It’s great to hear politicians tell us how much they care about children, but we need them to show us — in how they vote, in the laws they write, and in the commitments they make to children — as well as to us, the voters.

That’s why we need to show them that we aren’t content with talking points. We want action steps. Add your name to the #Commit2Kids campaign.

The election is just 68 days away. And now that the conventions are over, the candidates will turn away from the delegates and face us.

Let’s make sure they hear us loud and clear.