During the last several weeks many of us at First Focus have been immersed in the developing immigration reform efforts in Congress. The Senate bill, (S.744) , the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act, came out on April 17th. The Senate Judiciary Committee began mark-up of the bill last week on May 9th and the mark-up will continue today, maybe tomorrow and Saturday and into next week. Of the 301 amendments filed, many affect children and families. This list of positive and negative amendments that relate to children will be regularly updated on the Campaign for Children web site as the process moves forward.

A First Focus summary of the bill and its impact on children can be found here. The topic areas include:

  • The DREAM Act
  • Registered Provisional Status for Children and Youth
  • Waivers for Certain Family Members and Youth Outside the United States
  • Policies Regarding Detained and Removed Parents Involved with the Child Welfare System
  • Changes to the Family Immigration System
  • Changes in Immigration Law Specific to Children
  • Access to health Care and Public Benefits for Children and Families
  • Provisions Related to Unaccompanied Children

As the mark-up continues, you can check this link on the Judiciary Committee web site to monitor all of the amendments.